$10,000,000 to Mom of Drowned Boy

Publication:Daily News
Author:Chrisena Coleman
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):General Negligence
Summary:Thomas Moore, according to a Daily News report, won $10 million for the mother of a Bronx teenager, Daniel Maracallo, who had drowned eight years earlier at a water park in Pennsylvania while on a class trip with 137 students. The jury found that both the Board of Education and the water park were grossly negligent. The boy's mother, Maria, got $6 million for her son's death, $3 million for emotional distress, and $1 million for the way her son's body was mishandled, for a total of $10 million. The trial lasted two weeks.

Testimony revealed that while Daniel, 14, was in the wave pool, his classmates tried to tell lifeguards they saw Daniel get "pulled underwater by powerful waves." But the lifeguards said that Daniel had been rescued. Daniel never showed up for the bus ride home. That was when teachers told the other students the heartbreaking news that "Daniel had been overpowered by waves." The teachers all left the water park before Daniel's body was found many hours later, at 1 A.M. the next day. Thomas Moore said that Daniel's mother "still cries. It is something you never get over."
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