$12,000,000 Awarded for Island Boy's Birth Defect

Publication:Staten Island Advance
Author:Rochelle Steinhaus
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:A Brooklyn jury awarded a 10-year-old boy $12.2 million for "a tragedy of errors" that caused brain damage and cerebral palsy because doctors failed to diagnose a uterine infection in his mother, reported the Staten Island Advance. Thomas Moore represented the boy, Louis Baldassano, during a trial that lasted three weeks with two days of deliberations.

Louis's mother, Mary, a former nurse, was in labor for four days. "By leaving me there for 93 hours and not delivering my son, he wound up with brain damage," Mrs. Baldassano said. "The second that these doctors decided not to deliver Louis, our lives changed forever."

The article noted that Mrs. Baldassano's water broke before she went into labor. In this situation, the mother then becomes more susceptible to infection, and the longer the labor continues, the worse the risk. During her 93 hours of labor, Mrs. Baldassano developed an infection in her uterus.