$16,000,000 Awarded Family of Woman Who Died in Childbirth

Publication:The Reporter Dispatch
Author:Cameron McWhirter
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Summary:The husband and four children of Lorraine Giampino, who died in childbirth, were awarded $16 million by a White Plains jury. Judith Livingston represented the family during the three-week-long trial. "While it's a substantial amount of money, the loss for those four children is just incalculable," said Ms. Livingston. "They will grow up without a mother."

"A series of errors" led to Ms. Giampino's death, according to the Reporter Dispatch. A drug improperly administered led to internal bleeding, and Ms. Giampino's attending doctor left her alone to help with another delivery. "She was in agony," Ms. Livingston said, "because she was bleeding internally, and he never diagnosed it." Ms. Livingston said that doctors "took action only after the baby was born covered with blood," according to the article. Believing the blood to be the sign of a rupture, doctors began to operate-another wrong diagnosis and course of treatment. Ms. Giampino died one hour after her baby was born.