$803,000 Given to Widow in MDs' Error

Publication:Daily News
Author:Bill Farrell
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Summary:A Brooklyn jury awarded $803,000 to Rose Marie Corrales, whose husband, William Corrales, died "after doctors four times mis-diagnosed a heart problem as an upset stomach and then altered medical records," according to the Daily News article. Judith Livingston represented Mrs. Corrales during the three-week-long trial.

Mr. Corrales was 58 when he went to a health-care facility complaining of chest pains, but was sent home with "an upset stomach." He returned to the facility three more times with the same complaint, and was sent home each time. Within two days of the last visit, he died of a heart attack.

Ms. Livingston said the doctors "tried to cover up their mis-diagnosis by destroying [Mr. Corrales'] original medical records and re-writing bogus ones." The falsified records claimed Mr. Corrales had not visited the facility for 11 months before his death. "The tragedy is that three different doctors on four occasions within a three-week period had the chance to correctly diagnose the patient," Ms. Livingston said. "They failed each time."