A Brain-Damaged Boy is Awarded $44,000,000

Publication:The New York Times
Author:Jennifer Steinhauer
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:The New York Times article began: "A jury has awarded $43.9 million to a 10-year-old Brooklyn boy whose brain was damaged at birth, a condition his lawyers argued was made worse by the mistakes of a hospital staff." Thomas Moore represented the boy during the two-week trial.

On August 11, 1987, Naquan Santiago suffered severe brain damage after his brain was deprived of oxygen at birth. Naquan's mother was 30 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital, and membranes supporting the baby broke early. "The infant should have been rescued by emergency Cesarean section," Mr. Moore was quoted in the Times. "Instead, when every minute counted, the mother was left to labor for an additional half-hour, sucking the breath from Naquan before the emergency surgery was finally ordered."
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