Doctor, Hospital Liable for Delay in Diagnosing Hip

Publication:The National Law Journal
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:$7.3 million was awarded by a Brooklyn jury to a girl who suffered permanent injuries due to a misdiagnosis at birth. Judith Livingston represented the girl, Mary Stephens.

Mary was born with a dislocated hip, which went undetected for 15 months, noticed only when Mary began walking. If the dislocated hip had been diagnosed at birth, "it would have been 100 percent correctable," said Ms. Livingston in the National Law Journal article. Now Mary Stephens "walks with a pronounced limp." At the time of the trial, Mary had been through nearly a dozen operations, said Ms. Livingston, and will face more operations in the future. Mary's condition cannot be corrected and she will have hip problems for the rest of her life.