Every Time, He Ambushes the Opponents

Publication:The National Law Journal
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):
Summary:This full-page article, a profile of Thomas Moore, tried to get at the heart of what makes Mr. Moore so successful. Mr. Moore consistently achieves some of the highest malpractice awards in the nation every year. At the time of the article, Mr. Moore had "63 verdicts of $1 million or more (22 of which were for more than $10 million, and one for $72 million), plus more than 200 settlements in the same range."

Mr. Moore studies cases relentlessly. "You can read the [medical] records three, four, five, even 10 times and find new stuff the 11th time," he said in the National Law Journal article. As he reads, he develops theories about cases and how to organize material. He presents his case to the jury in chronological order but sometimes withholds information until the moment is right. This "keeps the jury on its toes," Mr. Moore said, and, as the article pointed out, "lulls the defense."

"I don't know why defendants don't try to blunt these things by saying it first," Mr. Moore said. "Maybe they think or hope that I've missed something." But, the article noted, "Mr. Moore rarely misses important details."