Heavy Hitters

Publication:The American Lawyer Magazine
Author:Vera Titunik
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):
Summary:In this lengthy profile of Thomas Moore in the American Lawyer, many of Mr. Moore's high-profile cases are discussed, as well as his extraordinary dedication to hard work and his keen sense of morality.

"He loves trying cases," said one defense attorney. As the article stated: "Moore the Crusader is a well-known character in state courts around New York City. The Irish-born lawyer once studied to be a priest, and he attacks doctors with the fervor of an evangelist denouncing sinners in his midst, his questions rising into a crescendo of contempt and righteousness."

His wife, Judith Livingston, may have summed it up best: "His intensity comes from a passionate belief in what he's doing. He has this very constant desire to help those who are underdogs, or who have been oppressed. And that permeates all he does."