Hospital Hit for $32,000,000 in Bungled-Birth Case

Publication:New York Post
Author:Laura Italiano
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:A Manhattan jury awarded the Greenhill family $32.2 million for "botching the birth" of their baby, Alexander. "This is for our son," Jonathan Greenhill, Alexander's father, said. "He's a wonderful little boy, and this is important for him. This is for his well being, and for his future."

Mr. Moore found cover-up activity when it came to Alexander's records. "We subpoenaed the person in charge of keeping the [fetal monitoring] tapes to testify," Mr. Moore said. "She testified that she was ordered to have the originals destroyed." According to the Post article, the hospital also "prepared false summaries of CAT scans and MRIs to make it look as if the boy's problems did not result from doctor error."

Alexander now has cerebral palsy and is borderline mentally retarded, and has diminished vision and fine motor skills. He cannot dress or feed himself. His injuries were the direct result of the fact that the doctors failed to treat this risky, premature birth with the care and attention it deserved. During labor, he suffered oxygen deprivation, and the doctors failed to perform an emergency Cesarean on his mother, Elena. Instead the doctors tried to speed up natural delivery by giving her Pitocin, which increases contractions and blocks the baby's oxygen. An epidural, administered to reduce Elena's pain, lowered her blood pressure significantly, further cutting off oxygen to the baby. "The doctors, in effect, were suffocating little Alexander," Mr. Moore said.