Jury Finds Doctors Liable in Death

Publication:The Buffalo News
Author:Matt Gryta
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Summary:A jury in Buffalo, New York awarded $2.2 million to the family of Leah Jones-Kreinheder, who "died of a seizure linked to her mishandled birth," court officials were quoted saying in The Buffalo News. Judith Livingston represented the family during the trial, which lasted three-and-a-half weeks with two days of deliberations.

When Leah's mother, Jacqueline Kreinheder, was in labor, there were problems with Leah's heart rate. Instead of ordering an immediate Cesarean delivery, doctors allowed labor to continue. "Then," the article said, "the baby became stuck during the delivery and for almost five minutes was deprived of oxygen; as a result, she suffered brain damage and head trauma, multiple bruises on her head and arms and was blue at birth." Leah had seizures as a newborn and had to spend her first month in a hospital. "Because of the mishandled delivery, the girl developed cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder," the article said. Leah suffered a seizure and died when she was seven-and-a-half years old.