Jury Gives Baby's Kin $23,000,000 in Suit

Publication:Daily News
Author:Maureen Fan
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:A Brooklyn jury awarded $23.3 million to Jermaine Eccleston's family due to "poor care" at a Brooklyn hospital. Thomas Moore tried the case, which lasted two weeks. The jury deliberated for two days.

Jermaine's birth was "premature and complicated," according to the Daily News article, unlike the births of his three older, healthy siblings, and his mother, Claudette, had gestational diabetes. Doctors also fractured the boy's shoulder during delivery, Mr. Moore said. "All indications were that this child needed close monitoring," Mr. Moore said. "[But] Instead of being placed in an intensive-care environment and under the care of an experienced neo-natalogist, this high-risk infant was examined exclusively by inexperienced trainee physicians." The lack of care and attention over the next three days resulted in Jermaine developing jaundice and a thickening of the blood, and he went into cardiorespiratory arrest. By the time doctors noticed this, Jermaine's body was already cold. At the time of the trial, Jermaine was seven years old-a quadriplegic, mute, with extensive brain and nerve damage.
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