Jury Hands $3,900,000 to Kin of Mom Who Died in Hospital

Publication:New York Post
Author:Neil Graves
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Summary:After only two hours of deliberations, a Brooklyn jury awarded the family of Gloria Garcia $3.9 million after she died from "massive brain damage," according to the Post article, "just days after being treated by a medical student and undergoing an unnecessary hysterectomy." Judith Livingston represented the family.

Mrs. Garcia, age 42, went to the hospital to have fibroids removed from her uterus. A medical student with no training handled the anesthesia, said Ms. Livingston. The student inserted the oxygen tube into Mrs. Garcia's stomach instead of into her lungs.