Jury awards Nearly $30,000,000 to Fall victim

A Manhattan jury awarded $29,000,000 to Anastasia Klupchak, a 30 year-old former NYU student whom was left paralyzed after falling from an unlawful fire escape in 2008. The then 22 year-old honors student and varsity athlete was standing on the 4 th story fire escape of a friend's apartment at 82 Second Avenue when she fell through an unguarded opening on the platform while trying to reenter the apartment. This type of fire escape, which had a 3-foot gap leading to a vertical latter, has been prohibited since 1949. The 12-foot fall severed Ms. Klupchak's spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. The trial lasted one month and was tried to verdict by Senior Partner Thomas A. Moore. The jury deliberated over the course of three days.