Parents Awarded $53,000,000

Publication:Staten Island Advance
Author:Dean Balsamini
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:"In a verdict that made borough history," began the Staten Island Advance article, "a Staten Island civil jury awarded more than $53 million to a couple whose son, Evan Giventer, suffered severe brain damage at birth 13 years ago." The couple's lawyer, Thomas Moore, was referred to as "world-renowned." The trial lasted three weeks, and at times the jury was in tears.

"A litany of errors," said Mr. Moore, of Evan's birth. "This was a horrendous case." A series of miscommunications and "dilly dallying" by an anesthesiologist caused Mrs. Giventer to wait almost three hours before doctors paid proper attention to her baby, who was suffering oxygen deprivation. "They could have saved this baby," Mr. Moore said.

"It's an overwhelming verdict for us," said Donna Giventer, Evan's mother, of the landmark verdict. "I'm still in shock. I feel very much vindicated that a lot of obstacles in our life are now behind us. We realize that Evan is always going to be the way Evan is. But now we'll be able to have the means to make him the most happy in his life."