She'll Get $8,500,000 in Med Mess

Publication:Daily News
Author:Helen Peterson
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:Thomas Moore tried the case of a woman, Karine Aquilino, who "was nearly comatose for a year after a botched brain operation," stated the Daily News article. The Manhattan jury deliberated for two days after a three-week trial, and awarded Ms. Aquilino $8.5 million.

"This was a bright, energetic, wonderful young woman," said Tom Moore. Ms. Aquilino, a postal employee who can no longer work, has been left with permanent injuries; she has "trouble walking, talking and doing simple household chores, like making a sandwich, because she has limited use of her left arm and hand." She also has "short-term memory loss, has trouble processing information, and is easily confused."

When Ms. Aquilino, now 37, entered the hospital in 2000, she was suffering from hydrocephalus (water on the brain). During surgery, a shunt was inserted to drain the fluid. Tom Moore said an "incorrect pressure setting led to bleeding on Aquilino's brain." Mr. Moore noted that "the hospital and a neurosurgeon... should have monitored Aquilino closely after the surgery, such as ordering brain scans that would have detected the bleeding." Ms. Aquilino's husband, also a postal worker, had to work an extra job to cover her medical expenses. The verdict will allow the couple to hire a health aide for her. "The jury verdict won't make her normal again, but it will provide some normalcy to her life," Mr. Moore said.
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