Suit Nets Disabled Man $40,000,000

Publication:Daily News
Author:Scott Shifrel
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):General Negligence
Summary:A Brooklyn jury awarded a "stunning" $40 million verdict to Matthew Falcone, a 53-year-old construction worker, who was left "severely disabled" after he was "sent flying when a truck traveling 50 miles an hour hit him," according to a Daily News article. Thomas Moore represented Mr. Falcone during the trial.

Mr. Falcone, after getting hit by the truck, went into a coma, nearly died, and had to spend weeks in the hospital. "His speech is still hard to understand and he remains in a wheelchair," the article noted. Mr. Moore said, "Matty is totally disabled and destroyed. He has significant brain damage, but a lot of awareness, too. He needs a lot of stimulation; otherwise, he wants to sleep and escape his situation." Shortly before the verdict and the "huge" award, according to the Daily News, Mr. Moore said that Mr. Falcone's sister, Doreen Bergamo, had "a poignant exchange" with her brother.
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