Teen Awarded $1,500,000 After 15-Year Wait

Publication:Daily News
Author:Bill Farrell
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:A Brooklyn jury awarded Steven Jackson, age 17, $1.5 million for a medical misdiagnosis that resulted in a lifelong handicap. Judith Livingston represented Steven during the three-week-long trial.

When Steven, age two, complained of knee pains, his mother, Valerie Walker, brought him to doctors who said the boy had "growing pains." But he had Leggs-Calve-Perthes, a serious condition that cuts off blood circulation to the hip. Ms. Livingston said in the Daily News article that it could have been fixed by a simple surgical procedure. Because Steven's condition was misdiagnosed and left untreated, his hip worsened. The pain will force him to undergo hip fusion, which will prevent the hip from moving. "All he ever wanted to do was play football," Ms. Livingston said. "That dream will never become a reality."

The case took so long to come to trial because the Jackson family's first attorney (at another law firm) secretly negotiated a settlement and then kept the money. The family was able to correct the situation and proceed with a medical-malpractice case.