Teen Wins $42,000,000 HHC Suit

Publication:New York Post
Author:Jennifer Havilah
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):Medical Malpractice
Summary:A 17-year-old young woman, Jasmine Matos, left "brain-damaged, deaf, speech-impaired and learning-disabled," according to the New York Post article, got a $42 million verdict from a Bronx jury because her birth was "botched by residents." Thomas Moore represented Jasmine.

Mr. Moore said the girl's injuries resulted from "one screw-up after another." Labor trainee residents ignored test results indicating the baby was suffering from oxygen deprivation. "Eventually," Mr. Moore said, "a second-year trainee yanked at and pulled Jasmine from the birth canal in a complicated, violent forceps delivery, causing bleeding from the infant's brain." Jasmine was "almost lifeless at birth." The hospital tried to alter the mother's records with Wite-Out. "It was a monumental effort to cover up their mistakes," Mr. Moore said.

Jasmine is a ninth-grader with a full-time helper who must translate spoken words into sign language. "She has already lost so much out of her life," Sylvia Rodriguez, Jasmine's mother, said. Ms. Rodriguez said she will use the verdict money to "do the best" for her daughter.