The Best Med-Mal Lawyer in the Nation?

Publication:Lawyers USA Magazine
Author:Elaine McArdle
Attorney(s):Thomas A. Moore
Practice Area(s):
Summary:In this lengthy feature article, Tom Moore was described as "a man on a crusade, fueled not by money or fame but by an unwavering conviction that his clients have been wronged and that he's the only one who can help them." His "unprecedented success" was highlighted: "In the past two years alone, he's won eight trials with an average verdict of $54.9 million."

Tom Moore's strengths are passion, preparation, and case selection, which lead to a 90% success rate. "But it's his passion that sets him apart from the pack," stated the article in Lawyers Weekly. Even opposing lawyers have to concede that Tom Moore's "willingness to bare his soul in an open courtroom persuades jurors-even those uncomfortable with his intensity-that he must be on the side of right."

His pace is exceptional, trying four or five cases a year. "Yet," the article noted, "few people outside the world of medical malpractice know Moore's name.... He isn't much interested in blowing his own horn. Those who've known him for years say he's a down-to-earth man unchanged by his wealth, who's driven by something more powerful than the search for personal gain." Other colleagues have called him "absolutely trustworthy." When he gives closing statements, the article said, new lawyers show up to watch-lawyers "who've heard that if you want to see a master at work, Moore's the one to watch."