Medical Malpractice

Hospitals can be very dangerous places. In 1999, the National Academies of Science's Institute of Medicine released a study titled "To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System." The study found that more than 1 million injuries and up to 98,000 deaths each year could be attributed to medical errors. While efforts have been made to make medicine, surgery and hospitals safer, the fact remains that medical negligence can have devastating results.

The law firm of Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore consistently ranks in the top two or three personal injury plaintiff firms in New York. In the past two years, we were named the number-one law firm in the Medical Malpractice Hall of Fame, won the second and third largest medical malpractice verdicts in New York history, and had the largest settlement against the Health & Hospitals Corporation.

Our lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best results possible — no matter the complexity of their cases. Our firm is noted for our unparalleled preparation, aggressive advocacy and unmatched trial skills. But our focus on achieving the best results for our clients doesn't overshadow our dedication to our clients, always recognizing that people who have been seriously injured need — not just deserve — personalized service and individualized attention. We understand that medical negligence can wreak havoc — both emotionally and financially — on an entire family.

Whether Through Carelessness, Inappropriate Action or Inattention, Medical Malpractice Negligence Can Be Devastating

At Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore, we pride ourselves not only on our legal knowledge and experience, but on our understanding of the underlying medicine. Our team includes a full-time, in-house doctor and three nurses and access to some of the best medical experts in the country. Recognizing not only what went wrong during a medical procedure, but what should have been done enables us to better represent clients who have suffered from grievous mistakes.

Our medical malpractice lawyers are prepared to handle cases involving:

Additionally, our attorneys have experience handling cases involving injuries and conditions such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy and shoulder dystocia.

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