Product Liability Accidents

Living in 21st century America, we might expect the products that reach our shelves to be properly designed and manufactured without defects. Unfortunately, all too often, that is not the case.

Newspaper headlines include terrifying stories of air bags that explode, sending deadly metal shards into drivers and passengers; of faulty ignition switches that spontaneously shut off power to cars; of pharmaceutical drugs that have known dangers and hidden side effects; and of electric blankets that start fires or electrocute users.

KDLM has a solid track record of successfully representing people who have been injured by defectively designed or improperly manufactured products.

Defectively Designed Bottles — In 2015, KDLM represented a 30-year-old woman who was badly injured when a bartender's "flaming bar trick" went disastrously wrong. The liquor bottle he was using to fuel a pyrotechnics display turned into a flame thrower, burning the woman, who was a completely innocent bystander.

KDLM sued the liquor company (as well as the bartender and bar owner), alleging that the distiller knew its product had a dangerously high alcohol content and was regularly used for "stupid bar tricks." In addition, the KDLM team found a memo written by one of the liquor company's executives that recognized the dangers inherent in the bottle's design. KDLM investigators discovered that the company had considered changing the bottle design so that a flame arrestor could be added at the bottling plant and not removed by bartenders trying to impress customers and stimulate sales. But the company chose not to invest the money in the safer design, figuring that was more expensive than any liability suits they might have to defend.

That was before KDLM sued it and negotiated a settlement of more than $10,000,000 for its injured client.

Defectively Designed Housewares — In 2014, KDLM represented two recent college graduates who were entertaining friends on their Manhattan apartment building's rooftop patio. Suddenly, a popular household decoration they purchased from a well-known national retailer burst into flames. It caused third-degree burns on both men. The product liability lawsuit alleged defective design and a failure to adequately warn consumers about the product's inherent danger. The case was settled against both the manufacturer and the retailer, just before trial, for just under $20,000,000.

Defectively Designed Steering — KDLM is currently representing a husband and wife who were badly injured when their late-model truck lost all steering and careened off the highway. KDLM's attorneys and investigators found that the manufacturer had previously recalled all of its recent trucks for a defectively designed steering component. After the recall, the manufacturer brought out new models of their trucks, but reinstalled the same defectively designed steering component. A trial date is scheduled in federal court.

Consumer product liability suits, industrial design faults and manufacturing defects come in many varieties. If you or a loved one has been injured by what you believe is a product design or manufacturing error, talk to us. Our lawyers, investigators and paralegals understand the challenges of bringing a successful product liability action. We will discuss your situation with you in complete confidence, and there is never a charge for a consultation. Call us today at 646-733-4072.