The Lady Is a Champ

Publication:New York Magazine
Author:Rob Patronite
Attorney(s):Judith A. Livingston
Practice Area(s):
Summary:This full-page profile of Judith Livingston began: "In political contests across the country 1992 was hailed as the year of the woman. But here in New York City, Judith Livingston made it the year of the woman lawyer."

Judith Livingston was the first woman and the youngest member of the Inner Circle of Advocates-"plaintiff's lawyers who consistently win huge awards in civil cases," according to the New York Magazine article. "It's like a lawyer's hall of fame," said Ms. Livingston, "except you're not retired, you're not out of the game."

Only 100 members are permitted into the Inner Circle at any time, and even to qualify for membership you must have 25 verdicts and at least one $1 million jury award. By the time of the article, Ms. Livingston had won or settled eighteen cases over $1 million; one case, involving negligent emergency-room care, got a $5.2 million award.

The president of the Inner Circle said that women tend to shy away from trial law-"It's a gut-wrenching way to earn a living, especially if you want to start a family," he said. Ms. Livingston has three children. "What keeps her in the game," said the article, "is the empathy she feels with victims."

"It gets in your blood," Ms. Livingston said. "I can't give that up."