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What happens when the cause of death is indigence?

We go to the hospital expecting to be treated for our illness and expecting to be treated with respect. For one Washington, D.C. man, the lack of both cost him his life. As reported by The Washington Post, Warren Webb was being treated at United Medical Center in Washington D.C. for conditions related to HIV. One early morning last August, he screamed for help.

After hearing Webb yelling from his room that he could not breathe, the nurse responded to him, and rather than examining him, simply raised his bed, taking him from a supine position to sitting. Distracted, she subsequently engaged in an argument with Webb’s roommate.

Who's to blame when medical treatment causes more harm than good?

Advances in the medical field abound. From new procedures to medical devices, medical innovations designed to make our lives better are many. In some cases, these advances do result in a happier, healthier life for patients. In others, the story of the application of these advances may not have a happy ending.

A recent piece in The Atlantic illustrates this predicament by sharing two patient stories. One involved a patient that was actively engaged in his care. A patient that questioned recommended treatment - a patient that essentially fired his doctors when they could not provide answers or refused to meet him to discuss their treatment recommendations.

The other patient was likely the more common example. This patient trusted his physicians. He trusted his medical providers. When they recommended a treatment he asked the basic questions. He asked if it was a common treatment, if the practicing physician had experience. The answers were favorable, so he moved forward with the treatment.

Family wins battle with physician over birth injury

For those who wish to start a family, the birth of a child is a joyous occasion. Many pregnancies end with a bundle of joy. Others may experience complications during the delivery process that can make the journey to becoming a family more difficult.

One family out of Pennsylvania has found themselves in the midst of this more difficult path. Instead of just focusing on the path ahead, they have taken a look back and are holding those responsible for the complications accountable. This action has worked in their favor and will help to ease their journey.

Medical errors lead to 250,000 deaths in the United States every year

A recent study out of Johns Hopkins finds that deaths connected to medical errors are much higher than previously thought. Experts with the study calculate that over 250,000 deaths are the result of medical errors every year in the United States.

This new finding is significant as it bumps medical error related deaths up to the third most common cause of death in the country.

What exactly is a medical error related death? Death and injury related to medical error can be connected to a wide spectrum of issues. Although poor medical care from a physician or other medical professional can qualify, additional causes can also lead to injury. This can include systemic problems, a lack of proper protocols within the medical facility and issues with insurance.

Difficult birth? Watch out for these 3 unforeseen expenses.

Giving birth is a joyous and dangerous endeavor. With the medical advances present in hospitals today, it is easy to forget the later. Unfortunately, dangers remain when new life enters the world.

Medical advances can help reduce the risk of injury, if used wisely. Medical professionals are expected to monitor the birthing process and intervene when necessary. Medical intervention can be brought on by a number of events, including a drop in the fetus' heart rate.

A failure to intervene when necessary can lead to birth injuries to the infant and the mother.

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