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March 2018 Archives

Medical errors lead to 250,000 deaths in the United States every year

A recent study out of Johns Hopkins finds that deaths connected to medical errors are much higher than previously thought. Experts with the study calculate that over 250,000 deaths are the result of medical errors every year in the United States.

Lack of communication leads to devastating hospital errors

The prospect of surgical negligence or doctor error is terrifying to most patients. The fact that several studies show simple errors in communication to be the root cause of a significant portion of medical malpractice cases does nothing to alleviate a patient's - or their concerned loved ones' - worries.

Crane accidents at center of resistance to new regulations

Throughout New York, construction is an ongoing process. Buildings for residential use, business use and for recreational activities are constantly being cobbled together. While the vast majority of these sites are run safely and with the interests of the workers and passersby in mind, there are sometimes circumstances and mistakes that can lead to a construction accident. Regulatory authorities try to implement safeguards based on the particular situations that might arise to avoid a construction site accident.

Car crash data shows teens are more prone to an accident

There are a great number of dangers when out on the road in New York and one that has always been a concern is teen drivers. Since they are inevitably new to driving, might feel overconfident, do not have the necessary experience to adjust to every possible situation and might be a negligent driver, there are significant risks for there to be a car accident involving a teen. Research is examining the frequency with which teens get into accidents and, unfortunately, the research suggests that these accidents are on the rise.

Crane accident kills New York construction worker

New York is a growing in population and popularity and with that in mind, there is always a significant amount of construction taking place. Construction work is an honest living and those who practice it come from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Because it is so prevalent and involves working with heavy machinery in dangerous circumstances, it is inevitable that construction accidents will occur. The person who was injured or the family left behind must be completely aware of their rights after a construction site accident.

Danger of motor vehicle accidents clear in fatal pedestrian crash

The New York City streets can be dangerous for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Even those who are exhibiting the greatest care can find themselves in a situation where they suffer personal injury and even a fatality as a result of motor vehicle accidents. When there is an injury, the person who was hurt needs to be aware of the issues that can arise after it has happened, both financial and personal. If the case of fatalities resulting from these accidents, the family left behind have to face legal and financial issues relating to the tragedy.

Research shows the increased danger of a distracted driver

Drivers in New York are expected to keep both eyes on the road and maintain their attention to what they are supposed to be focused on: operating the vehicle in a safe manner. However, the number of ways in which a person can be distracted has grown exponentially in recent years and with that, the number of people who are injured in a texting a driving accident or due to a distracted driver has increased too. Those who are hurt or lose a loved one in a crash need to be aware of the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver and consider contacting a lawyer in order to receive just compensation.

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