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Car crash data shows teens are more prone to an accident

There are a great number of dangers when out on the road in New York and one that has always been a concern is teen drivers. Since they are inevitably new to driving, might feel overconfident, do not have the necessary experience to adjust to every possible situation and might be a negligent driver, there are significant risks for there to be a car accident involving a teen. Research is examining the frequency with which teens get into accidents and, unfortunately, the research suggests that these accidents are on the rise.

The number of fatal crashes involving teens has risen for the first time in almost 10 years. According to experts, there are numerous factors that come into play to explain this. Teens are driving while distracted, are not paying attention and, as stated earlier, are lacking in experience. In the last five years, there were almost 14,000 accidents involving teens with more than 4,200 being speed-related. A study by AAA blames the parents for this issue.

Around two-thirds of driving instructors say that parents are not teaching their children to drive in a safe manner. If the parents set certain rules for their teens, research indicates there are fewer accidents. Following speed, distracted driving is the next major issue that is affecting teen safety behind the wheel and resulting in a car crash. Given the number of ways in which people in general are able to multitask with smartphones, the temptation to text and drive is often too much for teens to resist. Another issue that is considered a mistake is the failure to look for hazards on the road.

Finally, the number of teens who are waiting until they turn 18 to get their license are not subject to the restrictions that those under 18 will face, nor do they have to take drivers' education. One-third of teens fall into this category. While those who are in an auto accident might not make the connection with how this might affect them, if the accident is with a teen, it can be an important factor in the investigation when considering a legal filing to be compensated. Discussing this and any matter that might have been a reason for the accident is important. A legal professional who is well-versed in motor vehicle accidents can help.

Source:, "Deadly Car Crashes Involving Teen Drivers On Rise," Oct. 12, 2016

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