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Kramer Dillof Livingston & Moore - $31,000,000 Verdict

Kremer vs. Montefiore Medical Center

Judith Livingston of Kramer Dillof Livingston and Moore won a $31 million verdict by a Bronx jury, for the family of Yvonne Kremer in a wrongful death case surrounding Kremer's early death in 2011. Kremer, 70, had fatally bled internally after receiving an incorrect heart procedure. Livingston, who represented Kremer's estate, explained the circumstances surrounding the untimely death: Kremer had visited the Montefiore Medical Center for a cardiac catheterization. Instead, doctor Vankeepuran Srinivas "misread" the imaging of Kremer's heart, and incorrectly performed a stenting procedure incorrectly.

Ms. Livingston argued that because of the location of the blockage in Kremer's coronary arteries, the doctor should have performed a coronary bypass instead. . These blockages had been clearly visible and thus the initial stenting procedure should not have been performed. As a result, Kremer suffered a major arrest during the procedure, and was then given anti-coagulants, even though no one had checked to see if they were already in her system. Kremer then suffered major hemorrhaging. Kremer's family had been told the hemorrhaging had been the result of a broken rib puncturing her lung, but Livingston successfully clarified that Kremer's autopsy revealed no broken rib at all.

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