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Crane accidents at center of resistance to new regulations

Throughout New York, construction is an ongoing process. Buildings for residential use, business use and for recreational activities are constantly being cobbled together. While the vast majority of these sites are run safely and with the interests of the workers and passersby in mind, there are sometimes circumstances and mistakes that can lead to a construction accident. Regulatory authorities try to implement safeguards based on the particular situations that might arise to avoid a construction site accident.

Crane accident kills New York construction worker

New York is a growing in population and popularity and with that in mind, there is always a significant amount of construction taking place. Construction work is an honest living and those who practice it come from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Because it is so prevalent and involves working with heavy machinery in dangerous circumstances, it is inevitable that construction accidents will occur. The person who was injured or the family left behind must be completely aware of their rights after a construction site accident.

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