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Who's to blame when medical treatment causes more harm than good?

Advances in the medical field abound. From new procedures to medical devices, medical innovations designed to make our lives better are many. In some cases, these advances do result in a happier, healthier life for patients. In others, the story of the application of these advances may not have a happy ending.

Medical errors lead to 250,000 deaths in the United States every year

A recent study out of Johns Hopkins finds that deaths connected to medical errors are much higher than previously thought. Experts with the study calculate that over 250,000 deaths are the result of medical errors every year in the United States.

Lack of communication leads to devastating hospital errors

The prospect of surgical negligence or doctor error is terrifying to most patients. The fact that several studies show simple errors in communication to be the root cause of a significant portion of medical malpractice cases does nothing to alleviate a patient's - or their concerned loved ones' - worries.

What risk factors are common for cerebral palsy?

Parents with an infant child are understandably hyper-sensitive to developmental difficulties or anything that might not follow a chart of established milestones. However, certain factors during pregnancy and childbirth can put infants at greater risk for cerebral palsy (CP). CP is recognized as the most common motor disability in childhood. According to CDC estimates, about 1 in 323 children have been identified with CP. But, what are the risk factors?

False positives in prenatal testing lead to unnecessary worry

Parents tend to ask themselves numerous questions during prenatal care. Is it a boy or girl? Will the baby arrive early or late? During a pregnancy, parents look to medical professionals and established testing protocols to answer their single most important question: will my baby be healthy?

Medical malpractice liability for vaccination: when, if ever?, P.1

A California doctor recently became the subject of a complaint to that state's medical board that he was grossly negligent in writing a letter exempting a 2-year-old boy from further vaccination. According to the complaint, the letter was written after the mother complained about adverse side effects from previous vaccinations. The doctor was alleged to have never conducted any medical examinations to corroborate assertion of adverse side effects.

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